Getting Started

Getting Started

Our Credit Restoration Program contains a 4-step process that is tailored to your situation and proven to bring results.

Step 1: Generating a credit report based on your history from one of our trusted credit monitoring partners. This credit monitoring site will provide us with all the information we need about your credit report and what improvements need to be made

Step 2: After this report is generated, we walk-through an evaluation of your credit profile and outline the steps needed in order to remove the negative items from your credit score.

Step 3: Once you agree to have us help restore your credit, we will get to work on removing the negative items that are hindering your credit score. This is the fun part of the process as it allows us to actively make improvements to not only your credit score, but also your life!

Step 4: On a monthly basis, you will receive updates from us that show the improvements to your credit score and what items have been removed. These monthly updates are an exciting part of our process as it allows you to see the changes to your credit score in real time and watch as it continues to improve during your time with us.

It is important to note that all credit restorations are unique to each individual person, and the time required to make significant improvements to your credit profile is dependent on the types and quantities of items that are negatively affecting your credit score.

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